Apple Cart Creations

Historically Accurate Hand Knitted and Hand Woven items that are used for Living History re-enacting and for personal use is what Apple Cart Creations is all about! We specialize in Living History focusing on the 18th Century with some items covering the 17th Century and 19th Century.

Hand Spun Yarn that has been preshrunk is used in all items. Hand Knit and Hand Woven are the only items we carry. We start with wool right from the sheep. Clean and wash it, have it carded, then Hand Spin the wool into Yarn. We shrink the yarn and then Hand Knit or Hand Weave our items. I have developed my own patterns from original articles and have tried to keep them period accurate.

Custom orders are welcome.

Apple Cart Creations sells mainly at Living History Reenactments and out of our home.